Children 2-5 years old

Kindergarten Room

We can care for up to 26 children in this age range. The children have “free flow” indoor/outdoor play every session, having access to the main kindergarten room, quiet room, messy room, outdoor under cover and garden areas.

The Kindergarten has a maximum of 26 children at any one time and is comprised of three areas:

Main Room – This room has continuous provision for all areas of the early years foundation stage curriculum including; a small world and role play area, maths and literacy ares, and a cosy book corner.

Quiet Room – This is a multi-sensory room and is used by the children for quiet activities, and is also used for sleep-time when required.

Messy Room – As the name suggests, children get messy in this room being able to access a variety of arts and crafts activities.

Bathroom & Changing Areas – This is directly off the main room so the children can have easy access to toileting facilities.

Outside Undercover Area – Houses a flat-back piano and other musical instruments, a reading area, a painting area, chalk boards, and space for other activities.

Garden Area – Our garden has a central area with play equipment for climbing and swinging, as well as our very own boat for pirate adventures! We have two large, covered sand-pits, an African themed area with piano, instruments and two egg swing seats, a mini-beast area and a raised planting area where the children grow fruit and veg.